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iCloud Postmaster resources

iCloud Mail (,, has a shiny, new postmaster resources page. No whitelist, no FBL, just a good list of best practices to follow for sending bulk mail.

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Contacting an ISP that doesn't have a postmaster page

How do you contact an ISP about a block that doesn’t have a postmaster page? While there’s no one answer, I do have some suggestions. Start by contacting the postmaster@ or abuse@ addresses. For smaller ISPs, the same people handling outbound abuse are the people handling inbound filtering. When you contact them have the following: […]


ISP Relationships

Delivra has a new whitepaper written by Ken Magill talking about the value (or lack thereof) of relationships with ISPs. In Ken’s understated way, he calls baloney on ESPs that claim they have great delivery because they have good relationships with ISPs. He’s right. I get a lot of calls from potential clients and some […]


Delivery emergencies and the holidays

There is a lot of contention between ISPs and senders at the best of times. As we move into the holiday season, retailers are increasing their email marketing, sometimes quite significantly. This causes more delivery issues as recipients and MTAs react to the increased volume. At many non retail companies, however, the pace of work […]

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AOL Postmaster page hacked

Per Boing Boing: the AOL postmaster page was hacked over the weekend. As of now the site is restored. But I’m hearing that all the scripts are still down. This means no one can open tickets, sign up for FBLs, apply for whitelisting or check the status of reports. I expect this will be fixed […]


Gmail abuse and postmaster addresses

A long time ago, Steve wrote a post about setting up abuse and postmaster addresses for Google hosted domains. Google has gone through a couple iterations of the interface since then, as you can see by the comment stream. I checked with some people who have Google hosted domains and they have confirmed that abuse@ […]

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Facebook Postmaster page

There’s still quite a bit of concern and worry about how the Facebook messaging platform is going to affect marketing. One thing that may help is the Facebook postmaster page. There’s all sorts of good information on those pages, reflecting the years of experience that their messaging team has in running large platforms. Some points […]

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AOL announces new postmaster pages

The new AOL postmaster pages are live at

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ISP Postmaster Pages

I’ve been working on some reference information about ISPs for my own internal use as well as sharing with clients. There doesn’t seem to be any public reference site for postmaster sites, so I decided to publish what I’ve collected. ISP FBL Whitelist AOL Yes Yes ATT No No Bellsouth No No No No […]


AOL Postmaster Support down Jan 16th through Jan 20th

AOL just posted that the backend of their postmaster support ticketing system will be down over the from January 16th through January 20th. This means that while new tickets can be opened, work will not proceed on them until the system is back up on Jan 20th. I expect this also means that any tickets […]


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