ISP Postmaster Pages

I’ve been working on some reference information about ISPs for my own internal use as well as sharing with clients. There doesn’t seem to be any public reference site for postmaster sites, so I decided to publish what I’ve collected.

AOL Yes Yes
Bellsouth No No No No No No
Comcast Yes No
Cox Yes No
Excite Yes No
Frontier No No
Gmail No No
Hotmail/MSN Yes No
Juno/Netzero/UnitedOnline Yes Yes No No
Mailtrust Yes No
Outblaze Conditional Conditional No No
RoadRunner Coming Soon No Yes No
Yahoo Yes Yes 

Outblaze’s conditions are that you are only sending confirmed opt-in email across all of your IP space. They only provide FBL emails to senders on their whitelist.

RoadRunner is currently publishing “early 2009” for when their FBL will go live. Senders who have a current FBL will need to reapply when the new FBL goes live.


  1. Matt says

    Hi Laura,

    United Online does have a feedback loop, we receive it at work. From what I recall it’s part of the UNTD Trusted List on their postmaster page.



  2. laura says


  3. Jared says


    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t provide the FBL for verizon?



  4. John says


    The URL for the Yahoo! FBL is listed as http://http// – you’ve got an extra http// in there.


  5. laura says

    Fixed that, too.

    I hadn’t heard of Verizon and teamed up. I’ve got a question into Verizon to see.

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  7. Stefan Pollard says


    I love that you posted these, great reference table. May I suggest you link FBL/Whitelist and Postmaster help pages separately, as for the ReturnPath administered ones, they can differ from the main postmaster sites as in the case of Yahoo. I linked up the FBL’s in my recent column

  8. laura says

    Hi, Stefan,

    There are bigger plans for the information but this is just an easy way to present the data right now.

  9. J.D. says

    Minor but important correction: Return Path doesn’t “administer” feedback loops. We host ’em for our ISP partners, providing the necessary technology & advising when asked — but the ISP owns the feedback messages and makes all the decisions.

    — J.D. Falk, Return Path
    (as you know, I don’t always speak on behalf of my employer on this or other blogs)

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  11. Mohammed says


    Roadrunner also has feedback loop. Here is that link.



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