It's Thursday: AOL must be having problems


And, in fact, they are.
This time I’m seeing random reports of FBL failures. Some folks are seeing a significant (more than 50%) decrease in FBL emails. Other folks are reporting FBL reports that aren’t really FBL reports, but instead look like failed code output.
If you’re seeing this kind of problems it’s not just you.
As always, people at AOL are working to fix things and cooperating with people in the sending community who are having this problem. In other news, I found out last week that the one Really Smart Mail Guys I thought was still there is still at AOL but is no longer in their mail division. That means that the guys who built the AOL version of Skynet have left it to its own devices. Be afraid. Be Very Afraid.

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  • We been seeing this issue for a week now .- Not receiving SCOMPS back via the Loop. We’ve even tested internal seeds on multiple servers and They’re not coming back to us via the FB Loop …

  • I send some emails for a friend, where the From: is his address but the sending server is mine. Thus bounces should come to my server (the envelope from_ address), not to him, but today he received a bounce message from AOL.

  • Our FBL reports are down by an order of magnitude. It’s been this way since 17 October (coincidentally [or not]), the same day we started receiving DMARC aggregate reports from them.

  • I have heard that people not receiving DMARC reports are also seeing the problem. They may or may not be related, but I don’t think there’s any evidence either way at this point.

  • We are still seeing a huge drop off in complaints from AOL’s FBL since 17 October. When contacted about our configuration, some of our IP ranges were set so that complaints were apparently going to a domain we have no connection with. Requesting that they update their records has produced no response.

  • A few peopled forward me their DMARC reports from AOL to look at and the data in them seems to be very inconsistent and wrong, where from the same source IP it would pass DKIM and then Fail it in the next email. And the source IP is the owners mail server.
    I think they have a few kinks to work out.

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