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I was recently pointed out the FBL support pages for those feedback loops hosted by ReturnPath. Clicking around, they have the framework and the beginnings of a good source of information for their services. You can also open support tickets for questions and services that are not covered in their knowledge base.

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  • Glad you like the FBL support pages and hope people benefit from the FBL services we provide ISPs. We continue to listen to feedback from our users, both the FBL recipients and the ISPs themselves to improve the feedback process for everyone. We believe properly run FBLs improve email for everyone: The Receivers (ISPs), the Senders and most importantly, End-Users – by reducing unwanted email and helping stop spam.

  • A better bookmark might be — that’ll stick around as long as Return Path does, while the links above will only last if we continue using that particular 3rd party managed software (unless they change their URI structure.)

  • Thanks for the shout out Laura! I run the team that handles this KB and answers FBL related support inquiries, its nice to see a little good press about what we’ve got started there. We’re also hard at work streamlining processes and improving FBL support tools internally to allow for the best response and resolution times for issues related to our FBLs.
    Thanks again!

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