New Spamhaus lists

Spamhaus announced today they are publishing two new BGP feeds: Extended DROP and the Botnet C&C list. These lists are intended for use inside routers in order to stop all traffic to or from listed IP addresses. This is a great way to impact botnet traffic and hopefully will have a significant impact on virus infections and botnet traffic.
In other news I’ve been hearing rumbling about changes at Yahoo. It looks like they have changed their filters and some senders are feeling lots of pain because of it. It looks like senders with low to mid range reputations are most affected and are seeing more and more of their mail hit the bulk folder. This afternoon I’m hearing that some folks are seeing delivery  improvements as Yahoo tweaks the changes.

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  1. Mikael Ryd says

    We’re seeing great improvement in delivery to Yahoo the last months – especially on some or their Asia-domains. Their rumored big changes seems to have been rolled out there.


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