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I’m working on stuff for MAAWG so I’m really not all that up on what’s happening in the world of email recently. A lot of folks are commenting on my AOL post, and I’m hearing that queues are backing up and emptying as AOL makes changes.
One thing people have been asking me is if they should retry mail to the addresses that are bouncing. I say yes, absolutely. Some of the error messages are related to real filters, but there seems to be quite a bit of slop in the filters these days. I think, though, that the recipients do exist and removing the addresses from future mailings is premature.

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  • @Laura, yes, your are correct.
    Most of the time repeatedly retrying will work — sooner or later.
    I have already posted a system for doing this with feedback to the sender, on the _Mail problems at AOL_ thread.
    Had I seen this thread first, I would have posted here. Please move the post to the best location so others may find the information.

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