Earthlink opens up FBL

Earlier this week I was at MAAWG and one of the Earthlink postmaster folks stopped me to tell me that Earthlink was now accepting non-ISP applications to their Feedback Loop.
In order to apply for the Earthlink FBL send an email to with the IP addresses and the FBL email address.


  1. Marius says

    Thanks for the info.
    Is it a script that parses the E-Mail, so I need to send it plain without greetings and stuff?

  2. someone at ELNK abuse says

    Here’s the full request guidelines. You should also mention FBL or feedback loop in your subject to make sure it makes it through the filters.
    Plain text only, and IPs in just a plain list if singles or in a plain list of valid CIDR ranges as appropriate.
    1. IP address(es) that you wish to receive reports on
    2. Email address you want ARF reports sent to
    3. Administrative contact email address
    4. Company name and information (address, phone number)


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