This month in email: October 2013


What did we talk about in October? Let’s take a look back over this month.

The email industry

A number of things happened this month in the industry. The J.D. Falk award was given to Gary Warner for his work in education. We also discussed problems at SORBS and changes at Spamcop. It was also Yahoo!’s 16th birthday this month.

Delivery and spam

Inspired by conversations with colleagues, I wrote a post about how delivery people are there to help senders.  Then I talked about good and bad mail, using mail we’ve received as examples. EmailInform sent me spam, addressed to someone who wasn’t me. A a random RV dealer sent me mail that violated CAN SPAM and mentioned a law that never actually made it to a law. Then the DMA had a bit of a mailing oops, which they quickly apologized for. There were also some examples of not-quite spam, but email that was sent badly or to the wrong person and one example of a well done cold email.

Security Issues

We do regularly talk about security issues and October was no different. The big news was that Adobe had a major security breach losing not only customer data but also source code. Adobe source code isn’t the only thing that leaked, our abacus support address found its way onto phishing lists. Experian was caught selling PII to identity thieves.  LinkedIn released a new application that’s mostly indistinguishable from malware.

Legal Posts

In the legal realm, we posted about ICANN going after Dynamic Dolphin for violating their registrar agreement. In response to some discussions, we also talked about the legal discovery process and email.

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