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Happy New Year!
I am back and ready to talk email with folks.
December is always a busy time, both between the holidays and all associated personal stuff, but also for delivery consulting. There are senders that suddenly discover their email going to the bulk folder and needing help and assistance. But now it’s January and email marketing gets a brief break.
The beginning of the new year and the lull after the Christmas season marketing storm is a good place for folks to think about marketing and email goals for the upcoming years. Many senders get so wrapped up in the day to day details of email that they fail to think strategically about email and their business.
It works much that way for me, as well. I hate it when my clients have bad delivery and do everything I can to fix their problems. If their mail isn’t getting to the inbox, then it’s as much my problem as theirs. I’m thinking and working to get to the root of their problem and come up with solutions to get their mail sent. This sometimes means my own strategic planning gets pushed aside while I focus on client needs. January is a fun time of year for me, because it’s all a little more relaxed and I can look at the new year and how to improve services and share more of my knowledge with folks.
You’ll start to see some of those improvements in the upcoming months. I’ll also be blogging regularly. We should be getting some research and white papers out over the next few months. I’ll be catching up on the Google privacy cases and updating on some other email related lawsuits.
2014 is looking like a year of growth and excitement.

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