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I have to admit, the closer we get to election day the more distracted I’m getting. This will be the 8th presidential election I’m eligible to vote in and one I’m following closely. We even watched the 2nd debate live on the trip over to the UK.
As with the 2008 and 2012 election, email marketing is a huge portion of candidate strategy. Many companies have been tracking how the candidates are using email. Return Path has pulled together a lot of interesting data on their Election Archives, and many other ESPs have thrown their two cents in when it comes to election email.
When this election season started, feels like 10-gazillion years ago now, I started signing up for different candidate lists to see what they were doing with email. I quickly fell behind when so many Republican candidates through their hat in the ring. By that point, I knew other folks were monitoring email and reporting on email and decided to drop the project. I just couldn’t keep up and other people could do it better.
We did comment on the Trump campaign spamming foreign leaders. I think it’s important to realize that deliverability rules don’t get thrown out the window simply because you have an important name or are running for president. A few years ago, one campaign was SBLed on election night and their ESP cut them off. I happen to know the person running compliance there and they supported that candidate but policies are policies.
We also shared a post from someone speculating about how Secy Clinton had access to a private server. The speculation was somewhat wrong, in that the server was already there and set up for Pres. Clinton when he left office. But other than that, much of the other stuff that’s come out has made it clear that email in the State Department was a total mess. I still think a private server was way more secure than an or account; it was absolutely more secure than a account.
This election is important, so I encourage all my readers to get out and vote next Tuesday. There’s more to vote on than just the presidency, too. Here in California we have something like 17 ballot initiatives. Yay, Democracy?
I suspect many folks are in a similar boat and finding it hard to concentrate on things beside the election. So much feels up in the air and important and it’s like we’re all holding our collective breath. After being in the UK last month, I realized how much elections have consequences. The falling pound made it great for us as visitors. But it’s not all sunshine and roses as companies try and sort out how they can absorb a loss in buying power on the open market.
Go vote. It’s important.

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  • The saying “if you don’t vote, you don’t have any right to complain” is starting to make sense considering how tight the election is right now.
    I believe that if Trump manages to win this election, it may be because of people who didn’t vote and who were undecided and opted to vote for the libertarian candidate.

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