Deliverability is critical for marketing


It is increasingly clear that successful email marketing programs measure and emphasize deliverability. No longer is deliverability the crisis management team called when everything breaks. They’re part and parcel of an effective email marketing team.
Today I watched a bit of the EIS livestream where acquisition marketers were discussing their processes. Everyone of them talked about things that are critical for deliverability as core to their business.

  1. Engagement is key. Sending mail to folks who want the mail and who will interact with the mail is vital for delivery success.
  2. Focus on quality of addresses not the quantity of addresses. Sending mail to every address that shows up is a recipe for failure.
  3. Each address represents a person. An address itself is a bunch of electrons, the value of an address is the person who reads it.

These are all delivery fundamentals.
It’s nice to hear the marketers are starting to understand how important deliverability is.

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